Hacking NAND recovery triggered black screen brick


Apr 2, 2012
United States
I was trying to update my wii's system menu to 4.1 (was 3.2. I know, should've updated sooner.) without losing my cios or bricking it entirely. Beforehand, I made a backup of the NAND (I let it verify the image, just in case) and ran into a problem with WAD manager not wanting to install the new System Menu. I also had Priiloader installed before all this and it had detected there was no System Menu. I go to bootmii and run recovery of the NAND image, thinking it would be fine. It doesn't give me any error messages, I try to run System menu again... black screen. Reset, HBC, also black screen. Bootmii works as a boot2, but that's all that is functioning right now. Are there any other methods to recover from this, or am I SOL?

Edit: After following[post='http://www.hacksden.com/showthread.php/324-Format-Wii-NAND-Using-Comex-NAND-Formatter']this guide[/post], I was able to get most of the functionality of my wii back, as well as update it to System Menu 4.1. Restoring HBC took some work, though, as using Smash stack merely froze the game, and bannerbomb would cause the screen to go blank as the drive lights blinked. After redownloading the ELF again, I was able to run the program and put HBC back on the system.

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