NAND dump with Raspberry Pi. Possible?

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    I have a raspeery pi 1 model B+ (Running Raspbian Stretch) and an Xbox 360 Slim (Trinity). Is it possible to dump/restore the NAND using the Pi’s GPIO pins? I’ve tried using the LPT port on my PC with no luck, and this is the last thing I’ll try before I buy a flasher.
    (BTW I Googled and didn’t find anything).
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    I would say its possible, since nand is flashed over spi and raspberry pi does have spi:

    So it would really be down to getting the software necessary running(ie porting nandpro), and have it use the spi available on the gpio, I wonder if the newer boards could be used to perform rgh, could be used as a way to do hardware maintenance if something should happen(you'd have hardware able to monitor booting and write to nand independent of the console) since there's enough gpio to connect the nand and rgh, and still have some to spare
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    The way RGH works and the reason *glitcher chips* work so well is because they run on a FPGA which gives it the required speed for the *glitching* since there is no excess overhead, so a Pi would either not work or rarely ever work, whereas reading the Nand should be more than possible with it.