NAND backup different MD5? Is it normal?

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    Im currently doing backup for my New 3DS XL using gateway menu. Have done 3 of it and currently doing the 4th. When i checked for MD5 hash with all 3 backups, none was similar. Is this normal? How could i know the backup is functional.

    New 3DS XL 9.0.0E - Backup size: 1.21 GB (1,300,234,240 bytes)


    Another unrelated questions. How large should the 3DS micro sd size be sufficient? Is the 4GB sufficient? Does game updates requires huge space? What does usually take most of the space?
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    yesh every time you reboot the console the nand is changed, so you won't get a matching MD5 unless you have a hardware mod to make 2 consecutive nand dumps

    as for the SD, emunand will take up about 1.3gb on the SD, and usually SD cards are a bit smaller than their advertised size so you will probably end up with about 2.5gb usable space after setting up emunand, that would probably fit all patches for 3DS games, but if you want to install games to the homescreen as cia you will probably want to upgrade, and dlc also has to be installed to the SD 4GB should be fine, but bigger would be better so you dont have to worry about how much space you are using