N64 VC injection. Why did we give up?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by froggestspirit, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. froggestspirit

    froggestspirit D/P/Pt Demix Guy

    Jul 28, 2011
    United States
    So, I know that there is not much done on the n64 emulator lately, and games like Rocket Robot on Wheels have screwed up textures in it... I have tried a few things. I injected a compressed Rocket (v1 compression) into ntsc Z:MM, and it boot, with sound, but the mappings were bad. Due to this, I could jump around, and move the camera, but the analogue stick did nothing (did not test the classic controller).

    I took the liberty into learning about the whole thing it's self, and this is what I understand:
    -There are multiple apps in the wad
    -the 00000001.app is the executable (dol) and it is the emulator
    -the 00000002.app is the same for all n64 VC
    -00000007.app was only present in the N64 VC's that used compression on the rom(?)
    -00000005.app is the game, with "t64" files (which appear to be patches)

    I read that you can delete the "t64" files, and the game will still work, it will just use the textures of the original game. Has anyone thought that these could be causing some games to break? It's probably trying to load a patch of Z:MM onto whatever you inject, causing it to lock up.

    I'd like to experiment with this, but everytime I modify or pack the wad with a program other than auto injectuwad, it gives me the -4100 error upon install.

    It has also come to my attention that we have an open source decompressor for V2 roms, and no compressor...

    EDIT: we don't need a compressor for V2 romc. I just got Rocket working on Mario Party 2 ntsc, though it seems to not save, and freezes when you save and quit. You can just compress it as a V1 romc

    BITBURGER GBAtemp Regular

    Dec 5, 2014
    Hi is on the forum here a guy smart enough to pack these n64 game to minimum size of about 15 mb why I can n64 rom injecte to wad
    Going to the game

    Zelda The Voyager Of Time
    but fuck god sake 76 mb and too large for injection
    Regards Arnachy69
  3. Hozu

    Hozu GBAtemp Regular

    Aug 25, 2010
    I always thought it was because the N64 emulator wasn't that great for games other than official VC games. The lack of memory card support sucked too.
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