N64 Gameshark Encryption?

Discussion in 'Other Consoles & Oldies' started by MarcusCarter, Nov 15, 2013.

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    I have Project64, and it uses Xploder/Xplorer codes, which are encrypted GS codes. I know the encryption scheme, but want a program that streamlines it. Anyone know of one? For those that don't know, the encryption goes like this (copy-pasted from http://doc.kodewerx.org/hacking_n64.html#xp_encryption) :

    Encryption Algorithm
    A0A1A2A3 D0D1
    A0 = (a0 XOR 0x68)
    A1 = (a1 XOR 0x81) - 0x2B
    A2 = (a2 XOR 0x82) - 0x2B
    A3 = (a3 XOR 0x83) - 0x2B
    D0 = (d0 XOR 0x84) - 0x2B
    D1 = (d1 XOR 0x85) - 0x2B
    A0 = (a0 XOR 0x68)
    A1 = (a1 XOR 0x01) - 0xAB
    A2 = (a2 XOR 0x02) - 0xAB
    A3 = (a3 XOR 0x03) - 0xAB
    D0 = (d0 XOR 0x04) - 0xAB
    D1 = (d1 XOR 0x05) - 0xAB
    Decryption Algorithm
    A0A1A2A3 D0D1
    A0 = (A0 XOR 0x68)
    A1 = (A1 + 0x2B) XOR 0x81
    A2 = (A2 + 0x2B) XOR 0x82
    A3 = (A3 + 0x2B) XOR 0x83
    D0 = (D0 + 0x2B) XOR 0x84
    D1 = (D1 + 0x2B) XOR 0x85
    Alternate Method:
    A0 = (A0 XOR 0x68)
    A1 = (A1 + 0xAB) XOR 0x01
    A2 = (A2 + 0xAB) XOR 0x02
    A3 = (A3 + 0xAB) XOR 0x03
    D0 = (D0 + 0xAB) XOR 0x04
    D1 = (D1 + 0xAB) XOR 0x05
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