Mysterious Origins of Man

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    Mysterious Origins of Man - Forbidden Archeology

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    This is a very interesting new discovery, one that totally flips all your knowledge about history upside down. Basically, what this topic speaks about is that in the scientific community, if any evidence appears that disproves the dominant theory, it becomes shunned and not accepted, as a means of proving to the public that science can be trusted and in order to continue their funding in their specific field. This sounds pretty bad, the fact that there might be much more discovered than we are being told to, just because men can protect their careers is pretty saddening.

    We have history books telling us that man appeared that man appeared in so and so years B.C. we have history books telling us how the first books and writing tools were invented in so and so year, we are told that our modern age is by far exceeding all other ages in terms of technology. Well it may be all wrong. This theory suggests that humans could be far older than that, that they could have perhaps walked on the lands by the time of the dinosaurs, that the Sphinx was erected not 3,000 years ago, but perhaps over 23,000 years ago! Oh and all the earth continents shift 1000 miles or so every 49,000 years.

    Yeah, you heard me right, this theory also says that every 49,000 years, the ice at the poles becomes heavy enough, that it shifts all the continents 1000 miles, like the peel of an orange. (this is somewhere in part 5) Which just maybe proves that the city of Atlantic was no mere fiction, that they were a truly advanced civilization. That, and why the ancient monuments in America and Egypt are very similar (also present in part 3 I think) This shows that there has been a civilization before us that was just as advanced as we are now! They have discovered things that could never have been discovered without present technology.

    We are not at the peak of technology, we are merely repeating a giant cycle of civilizations that gets wiped out and replaced by another.

    You may already know this, but this is new for me, by that ancient time the earth was not tilted the way it is today, it was slightly different.

    So my question is, do you believe all that? Do you believe that humans are far older than what we know they are? Do you believe the continents shift every 49,000 years? What do you think of all of this? Will your views on history ever be the same?

    Personally, whenever I read something in a history book that says something like ,"Martin Behaim was the first to create a globe model of the earth" I just can't help but say "Wrong" It was done billions of years ago, perhaps,. They were much more advanced that we are now, perhaps...

    This totally proves that global warming is bull crap, the ice at the poles shifts and melts in a cycle.

    "I believe that our species has amnesia, and when we are recovered we will for a start that our civilization is not the apex of creation, it isn't the pinnacle towards where everything has been building throughout all our geological time rather it's part of an up and down, a flow. That it is possible for a civilization to reach a very high level of advancement and then be wiped out this something we've never really confronted and we need to confront it." - Quote from one of the scientists who believes in that theory.

    Is this true or not? Debate!