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    Nov 21, 2008
    I have some troubles with the error 1022 in different places.First time i saw this error it was for installing Pilot Wings.wad on a 3.0 Wii.I modded few Wii´s with FW 2.7 and there for the wad worked.The same on FW 3.2, the same wad is not working.But the strange are pilot wings was not the only game wad i installed but the other ones worked fine.Yesterday i downgraded a Wii with FW 3.3 no troubles.Today i want to downgrade a Wii with FW 3.4 and for installing the cIOS_fix.wad i get this dame error 1022 at Content Titel #13.HBC is installed along with IOS16.wad.
    Could some one help me please?


    All my VCG worked till too FW3.2 only pilot wings not.With the downgraded Wii FW 3.3 to FW 3.2 now more games do not want to install and give me a error 1022 message.Now it will be 3 games they wont install on a dongraded Wii from 3.3>3.2.But a upgraded Wii from 2.7 > 3.2 with cIOS Downgrader will install the other 2 of 3 games.I have the IOS36 and the IOS16 installed.The IOS36 would not be installed by me.They allredy was on the system when i looked for it.Are there any other IOS´s on a 2.7 FW they want be on a 3.2 or on a downgraded 3.2?
    More i recognized that at the system menu under the tab channels there will be 2 channels with ????.I assume that one will be the DVD-X but will the other be OK?
    Also i notized that a upgrade from 2.7 > 3.2 only needs two files to be downloaded to install the 3.2.The IOS30 and the System Menu.By a downgrade from 3.3 > 3.2 it will be four files the need to be downloaded.The IOS30,MIOS,BC and the System Menu.
    Maybe i should use the IOS30,MIOS and the BC from a update game disc?

    Having this error for a game wad will be not so a trouble like having the error for the cIOS_fix.wad.So if we can point out what will couse this error maybe i will be able to install the cIOS_fix.wad on the FW 3.4 Wii.

    To more clarify:

    It is a PAL Wii with FW 3.2 downgraded from 3.3 with cIOS Downgrader_v1.2 in conjunction with IOS Downgrader 1.1.
    The following IOS are installed: 249,37,36,35,34,33,31,30,28,22,21,20,17,16,15,14,13,12,11,9,4,MIOS,BC,
    I want to add 248,38 and want to replace 16 with 247.

    Maybe some IOS that was not included in 2.7 or maybe some new versions of older IOS´s are cousing the troubles.I thinking about to replace all IOS´s with older versions from game disks but before i want to check the IOS´s installed in the other Wii with FW 3.2 they will install the other 2 of 3 games.