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    Their database Mysql. After I threw it on the stick and opened on the laptop, stopped running properly, I guess that after the transfer of the card have problems, copies of the file never left, never thought about it. In addition, how can I restore it?
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    So you have a mysql database you put on a USB drive. When you go where you were going the thing did not work for whatever reason. Afraid I will have to know what happened to the file to figure it out -- if it was an all 00 filled file from a bad copy (seen that a few times) then it is gone, however if it is just headers or some kind of scratch space that is messed up you can fix that easily enough.

    What program/site is this database for? If you have to fully reverse engineer something then it takes time, however if you know you are looking at a known format that you can pull apart then it is easy enough to start fitting things back together.
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    More helpful resources with many various solutions you may see on following topics

    But if you can't handle the issue, then your mysql database has hard corruption and you may refer to more powerful solution Repair Toolbox for MySQL

    To fix this do the following please:

    1. Open a command line by clicking start, type "cmd", hit return/enter.

    2. Stop the TV Service: Type (or Copy/Paste) net stop TVService
    3. Type (or Copy/Paste) cd C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1\bin (this should be the path to the bin subdirectory within your MySQL install folder) and hit return/enter.
    4. Type (or Copy/Paste) mysqlcheck mptvdb --auto-repair -e -u root -p ,and hit return/enter.
    5. A password prompt should appear. The default password is MediaPortal (case sensitive).

    6. Start the TV Service: Type (or Copy/Paste) net start TVService

    Note: mysqlcheck must be used when the mysqld server is running.

    Caution: It is the best practice to make a backup of database before performing repair operation; under some circumstances the operation might cause data loss.

    Note: When you have a different version of MySQL installed (for example when you updated to the 5.6 install), you'll have to adjust the Program Files path (step 3). For 5.6 that would become cd C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\bin