My Menuify 2.2 Problem (Please Help!)

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    Jul 3, 2009
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    Ok Heres My problem. I Have My Menuify 2.2 On my SD Card, I Set it Up COrrectly (Using The WADder Tutorial) But When I GO To Homebrew The Title Is: \\apps\mymenuify\boot.dol Then I Click On It And It Says "(x) Error This Is Not A Valid Wii Application" I Tried Loading It Via loadmii But It Freezes. Heres My Info:
    System Menu: 4.0U
    Homebrew: Yes
    WAD Manager: Yes
    Now I Dont Know Really ANYTHING About IOS But I Know When I Download A WAD OI Have To Go To: IOS 35
    I Have The (With All The Zeros) And A .mym File.

    Please Help!

    P.S If You COuld Make A WAD FOr Me Mabe That Would Work But I Dunno.
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