My Memory Card is Corrupted...

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    My Wii doesn't recognize my Gamecube Memory Card and my Gamecube doesn't either. They both say it's corrupt and needs to be formatted. I'm not afraid about the savegames as I managed to extract them by using GCMM homebrew app. The thing is that I would like to fix it, if possible. I tried to format it by using GCMM, the Gamecube and the Wii but it didn't work. I extracted a raw dump and ctr-Gcs-DacoTaco Edition v0.2 says Block Table B is invalid (it is a 256MB memory card). Is there anything I can do or should I throw the MC away? Thanks in advance.

    Edit: I think I know how I can fix it. I need a clean raw dump of the same memory card model. My MC is the one you can see in this picture
    Will someone with the same type of MC please make a .raw dump with GCMM app and give me a link to download it? I would like to fix it as I don't like throwing away things that can be fixed.
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