My Gold Edge DS cart

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    Nov 5, 2008
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    So a while a back I entered the GBATemp Edge skinning competition and I luckily was one of the top 20 winners. After waiting for a few weeks for my prize to arrive I went to go check if I got any mail and here's what I found:
    (crappy phone camera)​

    The gold cart seems to be a tiny bit bigger than the original cart (feels better though). My micro sdhc card also seems to go in deeper in the gold cart compared to the original so it doesn't really stick out. Well, that's about it.

    More pictures:
    Certificate from GBATemp
    Comparing cases (both same height just wanted to point out width difference)
    Gold cart #4 of 60

    P.S.=If you won one post up your pic.
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    Oct 14, 2008
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    Dude that's cool. The only time I won something like that was an Xfire PW admin chat XD XD