My expierence with the yuzu emulator (switch emulator)

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    So ive pretty much figured out how to get it to work.You need the two keys in that folder and that pretty much lets it run games.

    Ive been trying to run mario odyssey and the performance seems to be all over the place due to the cpu getting more usage than the gpu and the gpu usage going down in certant areas with countless graphical artefacts.The emulator also seems to take up alot of ram.

    I have a 8600k but i like to keep it on the stock speed which is 3.6 ghz,but since the emulator only runs off one core from what i heard you need to be at 4ghz,so ive turned on boost mode and noticed very minimal results.There where ares in metro city that only got 20fps going to 30fps and areas that would only go to 48fps going up to 52fps
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    Emulators in general need more of the CPU than the GPU. That's because the emulator virtualizes all the hardware to make the game run on the host system (assuming the emulator goes for LLE and accuracy). All those processes need to be controlled by the CPU. GPUs are only used for enhancements in the graphics. Ofcourse all those tasks and processes need to be stored on the RAM, that's how computer programs work.

    Also, most emulators rely one on two cores of the CPU to work. So having a Octa Core CPU won't give you more speed. Its the clock speed that matters for emulation. How fast your CPU can calculate and operate.

    Yuzu is still a very early emulator, not even Cemu is ready yet for the end user. Only testers and youtubers use them. Wait until they optimize the emulator, you're reducing your PC life span by overclocking it.