My D-Pads suddenly sticking...

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    So, last night I was playing FF III on Moppet and I let my friends little sister play it also, I left her unsupervised for a few minutes and then I got it back. I didn't really play after that because I had agreed to take KD for the night, anyway, I left it on all night, but in sleep mode on the top bunk.

    When I got it this morning I had to charge it as it was in the RED and I started to play while it was charging and--oh no! My D-pad is sticking. The Down portion in particular.

    I think that a tiny-something maybe wedged in it, or is it possible that after almost 4 years the D-pad is just clicked out?
    My friends sister has pretty long, jagged nails and she could've chipped a piece and it wedge in the D-pad or something...Or it could just be that since I've been playing so long and often use the Down button in menu and movement in all games and apps that its just worn.

    Can I replace it?

    If so, where do I get the parts? Where do I start? I know theirs a DSlite disassembly guide, and I have a DS Phat guide downloaded on my hard drive somewhere...

    What can I do? What should I do?
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    Oct 16, 2008
    take the bottom half of the DS apart, you can then get to othe D pad, like you say it is probably something stuck in there. It is a plastic top with a rubber under part, the rubber part has a conductor that touches a contact on the board.