My C.O.R.E. Speculations

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    So I was looking at the screenshots of C.O.R.E. I began to realize the resemblance to GoldenEye: Rogue Agent. I saw the familiar crosshairs as well as the HUD and 3D gfx style and quality. SO I am thinking, base on looking at the character in C.O.R.E. who looks similar to Master Chief, was C.O.R.E. possibly the Halo DS that was being speculated by IGN? What are other people thoughts. No doubt this is using the GoldenEye DS Engine...
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    So basically it's a very unoriginal title is what I'm getting from your post
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    First, this is definitely not the IGN Halo DS thing. That was, for real, going to be a Halo game. Thank god it wasn't released because the engine that was used was terrible and gross, even for a test. Really. Though I did like their little test world.

    C.O.R.E. is a new game. Definitely doesn't give me the feel of the terrible fail that GoldenEye gave. That game literally made me want to PUKE my guts out. A company who thinks a game can be released that way needs to be shot in the head. This gives me the feeling of maybe something along the lines of Doom3, without the graphics and monsters. At least it looks nicer than GoldenEye though.

    Let's just hope that I'm right about this. Because if it even felt the contamination of whatever GoldenEye was made on, then this game will fail just as hard.
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    *Bangs head against brick wall*

    This is what happened, outside of Bungie & MS someone pitched the idea with a homebrewy mod, Bungie & MS said no end of.

    The crosshairs, HUD etc are a pretty common look to some FPS games even though I personally don't think it remotely looks like the game IGN shown. Even if the pitch did end up being this game I'm sure the developers and publisher would have told us to promote the game by saying "hey DS owners play what could have potentially been Halo DS!!".

    You people look into things far too deeply.
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    No way. EA (well Tiburon) did RA. Completely different company, and EA doesn't license it's engines to other companies.