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    UPDATED: 8/20/12
    Musicly Ocarina (v0.02)
    File trip - Download | My site - Download

    Musicly Ocarina is a playable Ocarina for the NDS using the mic, d-pad or stylus.

    Press Select to change between Mic, D-Pad and Stylus Mode(s).

    Mic mode - Blow into the NDS mic while pressing the D-Pad to play.
    Press and hold either the L or the R key to change the pitch.

    Stylus mode - Use the stylus to play by tapping and holding a note.

    D-Pad mode - Use the D-Pad To play. This mode makes the D-Pad act like the N64 C-Pad.

    [​IMG] | [​IMG] | [​IMG]

    Added a D-Pad mode.
    Alphabetized the stylus mode notes from Lowest note to highest note.
    Added a small song list for stylus mode.

    Updated the icon.

    I was thinking about making more instruments if I have some free time.
    Email me ideas or problems while using this app and I'll see to fixing them asap:
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    very nice...
    I have emule ocarina app, but my iPodTouch is old model without mic...

    I'll give it a try later ^^
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    Nice idea! I've just tried it and it works well, only thing I'd say is that there seems to be a sort of echo upon pressing the notes, as if i'm pressing 2 at the same time (except the echo is the same pitch). Also some indication of the notes (A, B, C etc) would be nice, or maybe correspond to the N64 / 3DS controls?
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    Thanks for the interest!
    The echo is because of how the application loops the sound, I might be able to reduce the echo in the next version but I can't say for sure if I can remove it completely, else there would be a slight delay on sound playing between holding down the notes. I'll also add some indication of what note your playing as well as a sound sheet for some famous songs in the next version.
    Perhaps I'll add a Zelda mode that simulates the N64 controller using the buttons, seems like a good idea!

    EDIT: New Version released!

    Let me know if you tried it, and if you've found any problems or bugs.
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