Hacking Multiple question about GateWay/Sky3DS bleuv2 3DS/2DS JAP-EU


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Jan 12, 2015
Hello hello! :lol:

I have some many questions (and mysitiques) which I do not necessarily find answers!

Seeing the different tutorials here and I think I have a chance to find my answer here!

I will try to be clear, accurate, and non-redundant, but it will not be easy: crazy:

Basically, I currently have: A Japanese 3DS updated (last frimware) I use it to play my online games (MH4G). A European 2DS which is currently in 8.1.0-17E.

What I wish is :

-Play With (my) EU and jap games, preferably on the same console for not having to switch them every time ...

-Continue To play online (at least on my normal MH4G 3DS jap, can't live without ... :wtf: )

-Make a backup of My MH4G to prevent any loss / damage of the cartridge (I want my SAVE copied in 5 hdd :rofl: )

What I would like to know and I don't know /or is unclear:

-If I buy any linker, it will work on both my non updated 2DS EU , and my updated 3DS jap (with sky3ds v2 blue in this case)?

-If I bought a blue Sky3DS v2, which is apparently zoned, but you can play online, is it possible to simultaneously put JAP games who I will launch on my JAP 3DS, AND the EU games who I will launch on my EU 2DS? (without having to reformat / Copy?)

-If it's possible with the Sky3DS blue v2 and the gateway to update the games (not the frimware but the games)?

-If it's possible to play online with the gateway? (Yes have see it's possible if I update the emunand ?)

-My 2DS being 8.1.x, is it possible to use the gateway? What is the method? The same as for the 9.2? Because if I try to update my 2DS with the wifi connection, it offers me to put in on the 9.4 frimware ...

Basically the two could be nice for me, but I need some answers to know which linker is better for me :lol:

In advance thank you very much :toot:

And sorry for my poor english :rofl:

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