Multiple custom bubbles using the same base game?

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    Oct 4, 2014
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    I'm still kinda noob with the whole PS VIta scene, so. well...
    I have a 3.51 Vita and Numblust as the base game, so I made a FF-0 custom bubble successfully, following The Zett's tutorial "PS Vita Custom Bubbles for System Softwares 3.5x".
    As I tried it again and installed another custom bubble game, when I wanted to download my bubble to VITA, it asked to overwrite my FF-0 game (I guess? It was 2xxx mb so yeah).
    Yep, I didnt know you need to do SOMETHING to make it work with the same base game.
    So, is there something I can do? To use the same base game over and over again?
    Mind that I dont have TN-V ar ARK or any other homebrews (PSP filer os something? I'm also cofused if I can do a psp filer custom bubble, and do I need ARK/TN-V to do so). I AM new to all this. So if doing so I should install something, or maybe if answer is simple, please tell me, and I'll do my best to keep up.