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    Okay, so I'm at a loss. I have a 5 gig (I don't even know how... it's a china-drive, sold at 4GB, I tested it with h2testw and it reports 100% legitimate 4.8GB) flash drive that I want to boot a non-liveCD (meaning, full) install of Ubuntu (Ubuntu only takes up a few hundred megs, right? I MAY BE RETARDED) AND have the ability to boot it to Hirens Boot CD (and possibly other rescue ISOs I have), presumably from GRUB (or didn't Ubuntu start using a new loader a few distros back?)

    Except I have no idea how to do this. Ideas? I can't possibly be chasing mere dreams...

    Edit - hurr durr just found this:

    I assume that that would work for most other bootable disk images as well, right? And to do what I want to do, is it just as easy as installing Ubuntu right to the flash drive?
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    LiliUSB maybe?
    Also you can put a couple of different distros on a USB (Ubuntu liveCD is about 1GB IIRC and it doubles as the install CD) and it also works with install CDs as well (and hirens). I would suggest doing a netinstall, but that is just me (sort of picking packages that you need without the stuff you don't). If you go for some of the smaller distros, you could probably fit Ubuntu, Hirens, tinycore, puppylinux, slitaz, and probably another 3 decent sized distros (around the 700MB margin).
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    The Ubuntu installer is highly compressed, that's why the download is a few hundred megs while it's a lot more installed.
    Same with most OSes. Windows fits on a DVD, but Windows certainly requires more than a few gigs to install.
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