Moving from an EZ Flash to an Everdrive

Discussion in 'GBA - Flashing Hardware and Software' started by link491, Dec 13, 2016.

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    Hey all,

    Long story short, my EZ Flash Battery died and since I don't have enough soldering skills to fix it properly it's kind of got a battery floating inside it held together with electrical tape and isn't saving reliably since the connection is a bit bad, so I bought an Everdrive GBA. It arrives in a few days and I was wondering how I should go about moving my games and saves over. All of the games on the EZ Flash have been patched for it so I'm assuming that means the save files have been as well. Should I dump clean versions of my games? Also will I need to lose the save data from my patched saves or will I be able to move those over with no issues?

    Thanks in advance, and apologies if it isn't wholly clear what I'm asking.
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    The save data itself should be identical to anything you would find on a cart. The save patching merely allows the game to instead of using the save type it originally had to instead use the SRAM of the EZ4.
    I believe there are some patches out there that get the game to ignore save integrity checks to allow people to use save editors and not have to figure things out but you would hopefully know if you used one of those, EZ4client certainly would not patch such a thing in.
    I don't know however if the everdrive uses a header or footer arrangement like various dumping tools or versions of AKAIO. I also don't know whether it uses names or what to find the matching GBA save for the game.

    I would dump clean versions (or just download them). Hopefully you have a DS/DS lite to dump them with. I would not be surprised to see them still work (save patching is no an especially extensive or tricky patch) but better to start with clean dumps.

    By the way you can get liquid solder/conductive ink if you reckon that would do something. Personally I would find almost anybody that reckons they can solder if it is just going to need to be tacked back down. Unless you mean the tag has come off, in which case yeah new battery or someone that can weld tabs on will be necessary here.
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    If you don't, you can just use this utility, provided you have a GBA/GCN cable and a GCN/Wii that can run homebrew.
    It's pretty slow, though. So a homebrew DS is better.
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