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    Aug 21, 2016
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    This is more so a preemptive search for info as I currently only have the wii which fell into my hands in a similar fate. My original wii's drive burned out, and my uncle still had a wii that was just collecting dust so he let us have it. I know he has a wii u but as far as I can tell they have shifted over to being a playstation household. Soooo.....I intend to pop up and ask them if I could have it since there not using it. Heck, they even have smash bros., how does a nintendo system with that game get neglected :(
    I'm trying to look for info on how to handle the jump from my currently modded wii to a new wii u I will be getting soon. There aren't many issues I'm foreseeing with this but there are some. I know system transfer will only move certain titles, and as far as I know it's safe to assume that the homebrew channel and usbloader gx won't be transferred. What all may this entail transferring over that may be different from if I wasn't worried about keeping all my modded stuff?
    Short hand: Will the shift over simply be:
    1. Do wii to wii u system transfer
    2. Set up homebrew again with the cios's and stuff
    3. and reinstall the custom menu apps?
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