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Dec 18, 2009

Mouse and Keyboard! by TwinBlades at 2:42 AM (518 Views / 0 Likes) 0 replies

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    I've found two mouse and keyboard adapters for the PS3 already that gives 60 update per sec (more like a pc Mouse feel). But the problem is that they cost like $130 and one is made from like people at home and other from like a company such as cyclods/acekard w/e (for ds flashcart). Anyone knows how to make one so it can work with the PS3? So we don't have to go out and buy. The reason I brought this up is because in the DS section (I know this site is meant for Nintendo stuff lol) there are a lot of homebrewing in hardware wise.

    If anyone knows how it would be great. Oh and btw, those two products are ps3predator and XIM. They both need a PC to config (plug the thing into pc and ps3, then play on one moniter using the pc/laptop mouse and keyboard).

    Thanks Guys [​IMG] P.S. They actually do work as I've read some reviews and they have videos up on youtube.

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