Motorola Backflip?

Discussion in 'Android' started by davidsl_128, Apr 15, 2011.

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    I'm interested in buying a Motorola Backflip, is it a good phone? Supposedly it has an old Android version, but I've never had an Android so I realy wouldn't note the oldness. Also, I'm not looking for the perfect phone or anything, so I don't mind if this phone can't run at lightning speeds or if it has 1000 features I won't use. I just need basic phone functionality, a good camera, and a good internet-browsing experience. I'd get a Blackberry, but the one I can afford doesn't have 3G and that's a must for me!
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    Moto Backflip Wiki.

    It comes with Android 1.5. To get 2.1, you need to be on AT&T in the US. You can flash it with CyanogenMOD to get a more updated version of Android, but then you will lose the Motoblur interface (for social networks).

    If you like the way the keypad is positioned (in relation to the screen) then go ahead. If you prefer a more straightforward phone, look elsewhere. Personally 3.1 inches is too small for me if using it to browse the internet.
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    the blackflip with motoblur is complete garbage, install cyanogenmod once you get comfortable with the phone (if you do get it)

    it's definitely not one of the high-end android devices... at all