Mother 3 with AKAIO + EZFlash 3in1 + Nintendo DS Lite combination

Discussion in 'NDS - Console and Game Discussions' started by partymetroid, Jul 29, 2009.

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    I'm trying to play Mother 3 with the combination of an Acekard 2i (AKAIO) and EZFlash 3in1 and a Nintendo DS Lite. At first, I tried simply patching the Japanese ROM with the English translation patch. I couldn't load it from within the AKAIO menu (even after flashing it to NOR), so I loaded it through the slot-2 port from within the main Nintendo DS menu. That worked. The first thing I did in-game was go to a save point (6 minutes into the game), and then I turned off the DS and loaded AKAIO menu (for the purpose of seeing if I could load the game from within AKAIO after saving in-game once). After the "LOADING..." message, a message flashed saying something like "the game save was backed up onto the slot-1 device". After that, I played the game for about an hour straight, saving frequently. After that hour, I turned the system off to load into AKAIO to "back up my save game". After that, I booted back into the game, and all the saves from after the first time I saved the game were lost. (The first one, however, was saved, strangely. I have a few theories about this, but I don't feel like taking the time to share them.) I read somewhere that I was supposed to take certain steps to play the game, and the gist I gathered was "patch the ROM into English, and then 'SRAM' patch the ROM with GBATA"...

    ... which I did. I then erased the NOR, and reflashed the NOR with the English/SRAM-patched ROM. I still can't boot the game from within the AKAIO menu. I assume that I should be able to save the game from within the AKAIO menu... am I right in this assumption? If I'm told that I won't be able to save into the game from within the game menu and have to save the game while playing it from the Nintendo DS's main menu, I'll try it. But I would really like an answer about why I can't boot into the game from within the AKAIO (yet?).

    Thank you for a sincere reply!
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