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    During a presentation to around 20 UK developers at its headquarters in London yesterday, Sony shared a wide range of information about its new handheld platform, revealing significant new details on launch plans, hardware specifications, networking features and more.

    One attendee, speaking to Eurogamer this morning under condition of anonymity, said: "NGP is a developer's dream – Sony is finally doing the things developers have been crying out for for years."

    Studios had been expecting to collect development kits at the event, but were told "late shipments from Japan" meant SCEE would now be "prioritising". According to the source, for a kit to be delivered before April a studio must supply a "20-page concept document on a game they want to release at launch".

    Eurogamer understands that key UK studios have had early kits for almost a year. But the source claimed the new shipment of kits would be "the first to have the final GPU in them".

    Sony has not yet dated the system beyond plans to begin rollout worldwide by the end of 2011. But during yesterday's presentation, Sony listed the Wi-Fi only edition of NGP as "2011", while the Wi-Fi plus 3G version was listed as "Holiday Season 2011", implying that the 3G-enabled console would not be available day one.

    SCEE did not share any solid information on date or price, only adding that details would be revealed "very soon".

    Sony staff demoed a handful of upcoming first-party NGP titles, including Uncharted, Little Deviants and WipEout. The source said the latter was "the WipEout HD PS3 engine running on PS3 with no changes to the art platform. That means full resolution, full 60 frames per second. It looks exactly the same as it does on PS3 – all the shader effects are in there".

    With Sony urging developers to create releases that work across PS3 and NGP, the implications of this are significant. "They want us to do cross-platform," said the source, explaining that the submission process has been streamlined, with only a single submission required for a title on PSN and NGP.

    And developers were told: "All games at launch available on flash [the physical storage medium] would also be on PSN."

    However, Sony is also insisting that it "does not want exactly the same game" on NGP and PS3 – there "has to be a reason for the NGP title". "They want at least some kind of interactivity between the two versions with NGP-only extras," the source added.

    The rumoured addition of 'cloud saving' – seen as key for enabling gamers to switch easily between a game on PS3 and NGP – was raised by developers, but SCEE would not officially confirm it.

    The publisher also moved to reassure developers that the technical hurdles of cross-platform development were being kept as low as possible.

    "Any shaders for PS3 stuff will just work," said the source. "We won't have to rewrite. What would have taken two-to-three months before looks like it could take just one-to-two weeks now. The architecture is obviously different, but it's the same development environment."

    Elsewhere with the hardware, it was confirmed that NGP features three gyroscopes, compared with one in PS3's controller, allowing for more accurate movement. And the front and rear touch panels are both capable of six-point multi-touch.

    "The touch pad on the back is fantastic," the source said. "It does feel second nature, like you're having a real impact on the world." As an example of the potential, SCEE described squeezing an object in-game by pinching the front and the back simultaneously.

    SCEE further outlined its vision for the first five years of the platform and its target audience, with year one focused on "hardcore" and year two on "hardcore and teens", with the expectation that the audience will expand younger and older after that.

    Social networking and location-based features were also highlighted for their gaming potential. SCEE suggested, for instance, that "clues could be put on the social networking side" that could lead to "virtual gifts", that could in turn make use of the camera and augmented reality capabilities to distribute "new skins and avatars".

    "Sony has made it completely developer-centric this time," the source added. "[The development kit] is really simple to plug in and use. It opens direct in Windows Explorer and you can see all systems on a network – so you could, for example, update the firmware of multiple NGPs at once.

    "A PS3 dev station can take three hours to set-up. This looks like it will take under 20 mins. It just makes everything easier – they've really thought about it this time".


    Bolded some relatively big points, but reading through the whole article is worth it too.

    Well it's nice to see devs are enjoying it, hopefully it'll make the NGP really worth it.
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    What is it with been "hardcore gamers" been associated with the best specced machine?
    That make you a n00b if you think your hardcore because your handheld has the best specs IMHO
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    Some reassuring news. But it does seem a lot of things are still WIP, even if the final hardware spec and outer case has been finalised. I'm guessing manufacturing details and that's why they can't settle on release dates and prices etc...

    They should have probably kept their nerves after the 3DS events and waited a couple of months before making such BIG announcements. I'm actually really hoping this one does better, if this and the 3DS do about evenly well both will constantly be competing against each other with games and envelopes will start to get pushed. The big deal announcements so far ahead of any possible release might get people bored of waiting.
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    Wouldn't it make sense to go for a broad target audience first, then go for the niche markets?
    No. That's dumb.
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    It's cool that it can run the PS3 engines and all, but I think the key point is above. If all the games are on both PS3 and NGP and there isn't some sort of "combo deal" where you can get both of them for less then they would be separately, it could be especially problematic since it means there are in effect, no NGP exclusives, which is what (arguably) drives sales. Historically, most platform only extras have not really made much of a difference between versions because they have only been minor tacked on additions. The NGP needs to be something more then just a portable PS3 or it will stay as a niche device once the initial buzz wears off.

    EDIT: Grammar.
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    This means that unless there are flash-only games, retailers will soon dump the system or not give it much shelf space.
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    I don't really see what you mean.

    If you mean that people will dump the system because you can play the games on the PS3, then I'd say it's a legitimate fear. I thought it was bullheaded for them to say that NGP games will be on the PS3 as well. But odds are they'll try to push some exclusives for the NGP.

    If you're saying they'll drop it because it's digital distribution, then that's pretty wrong. PC gaming is becoming much more about digital downloads nowadays. It's cheaper for devs (you don't need to waste money on production), the deals are better for gamers, and it's more convenient (instead of running out to a store to buy the game and put in the disc and install it, you can just buy it, let it download, and install it).
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    YES. I think Sony decided to jump a few generations of handheld :|
    Could start doing some ports of "Platinum" games, get some mass effect 2, assassins creed in there [​IMG]

    I know the console's success will not make a dent compared to 3DS' and I'm sure Sony knows that too somewhere deep down, but even so the quality of games that will be coming out is going to be immense. Not a shovelware in sight. xD (I hope, although these are the kind of games that sold a LOT on DS, but not many 12 year old girls will get NGP I don't think.)
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    NGP is sounding more awesome as time progresses.
    While it's my current favourite, I'm going to wait until both the NGP and 3DS have been out a while before I decide which to buy.
    I love the fact that PS3 titles can run pretty much unchanged on the NGP. While some think there's no point to this because people will just play the PS3 versions, it excites me given that I've never owned a PS3 or current-gen console outside of the Wii. I'd rather buy a NGP than a PS3, too.
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    [​IMG] I'll finally be able to play fifa like on the consoles [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    It'll be cheaper to get a PS3, I think... [​IMG]
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    hardcore gamers thing is dumb
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    NGP is definitely shaping up well, To me its stealing me away from the 3DS as we get more info about it, If it gets some awesome games and the price is right I might just get it.
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    To me, a hardcore gamer has always been someone who is particularly proficient at 'bullet hell' shoot 'em up games, or has learnt and mastered every button combination in Street Fighter (or something to that effect). Recently, though I've become aware of many internet-users referring to games like Call of Duty as 'hardcore'. In my eyes, the CoD series is a perfect example of casual gaming; it's something that people enjoy with friends and anyone can pick up and play; it doesn't require any major investment by the player to learn any complex button combinations or the attack patterns of an enemy, for example.

    Back on topic, I must say I'm really impressed with the NGP's hardware and am most certainly interested to see how it fares in this crazy market compared to its competition and its predecessor. The only game, however, that has really interested me is Little Deviants, but it is still early days for the handheld so things should get more interesting closer to launch.
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    It's hardcore because of the multiplayer aspect, the competition: to be good on it, you'll have to dominate all the aspects of it, learn multiple patterns and dominate all the command inputs... hardcore games can be played on a casual way too. So can casual games be played on a hardcore way.
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    I'm going to call it now; this will go the same direction the last one did when they announce the price...
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    Why does everyone assume this thing will cost a fortune?
    A lot of people assumed the 3DS would be cheap but that turned out to be £230.
    I don't get it.
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    Most people on this forum don't like Sony (and they even don't know why, and most of them never even had a PSP). I think it's pretty normal.
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    I am fucking telling everyone right now. If Square Enix makes a Kingdom Hearts game for the NGP and not the PS3 I am going to get FUCKING pissed off.
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    They're assuming it will have a high price because of Sony's tendency to overprice things. I don't blame them.
    PS3 - $599
    PSP Go - $249