1. georgiarose

    OP georgiarose Newbie

    Mar 17, 2017
    Hey guys!
    Currently searching like a mad chook for a working moon jump code for citra, because its sooo damn fun, and I feel like i'm smashing my face into the internet after many hours of said searching insanity :/

    If ANYONE could please help me out, I would be so eternally grateful!!
    I realise citra is still well into it's developing stages, but i've read some success stories and just wondering what I might be doing wrong?

    Very keen to learn more about this, have even tried to use cheat engine to source codes myself but may have been a little ambitious as i'm still so gapped in knowledge. Any interesting resources to learn from would be also very much appreciated :)

    Currently using Citra CheatsModule-dda2809
    Have both USA and EU versions of each oot/mm
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