Monster Hunter Tri Cheats?

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    Okay, so as some of you might know the Monster Hunter Tri servers are gonna get shut down come April 30th. This means that all the + weapons and armors will become inaccessible in the offline game as well.

    I was wondering if there was a form of save editor that one could use to attain all the items. I googled quite a bit and only found one supposed MHTri save manager but it looked kinda obscure so I didn't wanna risk downloading it. If such a thing exists, could I maybe get a link to it?

    If not I am aware Ocarina cheats can be used to attain items and custom talismans and whatnot, but CFGs downloadable Ocarina code list is jumbled messy and too big for the loader to even view. What's more, I can't find a decent list of the Ocarina codes anywhere. Does anyone have a link to one?