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  1. Lilio

    OP Lilio Member

    Jul 31, 2018
    Hi all,
    I know that there is already a pretty good save editor for the game (I even use it myself!) but I've found out something that bothered me.
    If you use the save editor (or any other save editor as far as I know) or even do it manually yourself to change the amount of items you have in your inventory you will notice that if you have never got that item legitimately in the game the item will act weirdly. What I mean by that is:
    1. If the item is useable, you will notice that you won't be able to use it.
    2. If the item is a monster material, you won't see it appear in the Wild Monster's Monsterpedia page.
    3. You won't be able to sell the item to NPCs (it won't appear in the sell menu)
    4. There may be more side effects but those were the ones I noticed, in conclusion it seems like the item won't appear anywhere out of the inventory menu.

    Most players don't care about that so why I care do?
    I personally care because I want to complete the Monsterpedia's material pages for every monster but the monster drops are random and I don't want to spend time on trying to hunt the same monster over and over again just to get an item. But you may have another reason to care about that. So I figured I'd post this thread for anyone that is interested.

    Well now for what I found:
    It seems like the save data holds another list of "discovered items" and when you actually get a new item an event is raised in the code to change a value in the list to indicate that that item was discovered and it can be used. I have found out that the values of the list are somewhere between these offsets:
    When I say somewhere between I mean that I edited some lines in between those offsets to 'FF' to make some items functional and some materials discovered (even materials that I have not edited in the inventory).
    These bytes seems rather random so my guess is that it is a list of bits and not bytes. It makes sense to me since I think that a list like that would be represented as a list of bools (true or false, 1 or 0) and if so, so by setting all of those bytes to 'FF' (11111111) you make the whole list true. I don't know how it will affect the game but it didn't crashed on my when I tried to interact with merchants and the new items and when I tried the Monsterpedia. I personally have decided to not edit this list until the endgame to complete the Monsterpedia but you may choose to do whatever you want (I really believe it won't crash the game).

    So that's it, if anyone wants to help research these offsets a little deeper to know exacly what byte affects what item you are welcome!
    I hope it helped anyone, although I really doubt that there are more complitionists like me in these forums.
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