Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Translation TMO

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    Oct 8, 2013
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    Hi, I don't know if i'm doing right to post that request here but we desperately needs help...

    On my blog: we manage make a loot of translations this avesome game, Monster Hunuter Portable 3rd for PSP and PS3 (HD Version). Now we almost finish but we need help, we need translators and someone who check and correct translations texts...

    Public translation is open all its you guys can help us finish this project and makes 100% translation patch for this game on PSP and PS3 ;-) You find that files to translations here:

    For now work on this only two people (rest of team don't have time: work, school)

    Sorry for my english (now you know why I need someone to correct) ;-) I'm from poland, I learn english myself, no school... sor again sorry about my english.

    If someone want help we will be happy ;-)