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    May 16, 2008
    So I've got a two-monitor-setup bound to my GPU (Radeon 6950).
    Monitors set up like this:

    So we've got a DVi connector on my GPU. I convert that to VGA using a converter (makes sense), and then use a VGA cable to connect it to monitor X.
    And then we've got a Mini DisplayPort on my GPU. I convert that to normal DisplayPort using the converter that came with my GPU. I convert that to VGA with the converter my brother bought a big while ago. Then I use the VGA cable that's stuck in the secondary monitor to connect monitor Y.

    All goes well for a while.

    Until, suddenly, monitor Y goes black for a bit, and then shows my desktop (or whatever's on that monitor) again. This happens a few times, until it goes black and a status indicator thingie comes up saying that there is "no input", even though it's clearly connected.
    A Catalyst Control Center window pops up saying that either "the monitor does not support the requested resolution", or, that there's "something wrong with the cable connecting the display to my computer". Bullshit, because it worked fine before. This has been happening a lot lately, and it's starting to become annoying.


    So, by replugging cables, I found out that it's probably related to the DisplayPort -> VGA convertor. Whenever I replug that one, screen Y goes back to normal, until eventually, it all starts over. Today it immediately goes black and tells me there's no input.

    Is there anything I can do about it, besides buying new cables/convertors? I've tried using the two DVi ports on my GPU but it won't detect the secondary monitor (Y) that way.

    Edit: different window this time:
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