Mods/Softmods for PSX DVR

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    My wife asks me if I want her old white DVD player. I assumed not but decided to look at it anyway before she throws it out... turns out it's actually one of those PSX DVR units! She just uses it as a DVD player! Crazy! So I'm taking that home with me. :)

    Note, not a PS1. One of those cool Japan-only PS2 DVR units.

    Anyway, obviously I want some way to mod the thing! I'm no good with soldering to be honest so I'd rather go the softmod route. I have a PS2 with a DMS4 Pro EZI solderless somewhere at home in the UK but I've not followed the PS2 scene since 2005 or so so I've no idea what the latest developments are.

    Does anybody know if the PSX DVR can be softmodded. And what can be achieved (HDD loading, homebrew etc.)? Can the internal HDD be used for HDD loading? Can it be switched with a bigger drive?

    Thanks. :)
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    FreeMcBoot works with this machine, and Open PS2 Loader will work for HDD loading. Unless something changed from when I read about them, the drive cannot be replaced easily, and it needs to be a Sony drive.
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    And I believe you can only use like 40 gigs of the hard drive space for games, not sure of the actual amount but you can't use the whole drive.