1. Steerpike

    OP Steerpike Newbie

    May 9, 2006

    I admit I haven't kept up with the USB loader threads at all.
    Even though there are stickied threads, it's pretty daunting reading through them all, and it's not clear what's now out of date.
    I just want to play WiiWare and N64 games... I'm not bothered about playing backup Wii ISOs.

    So, what's the minimum amount of hacking I need to do on my virgin Wii running system 3.4E?

    Do I need to do the Twilight Hack, or is that now not necessary?

    Do I need to install the USB loader, or is that only for playing Wii backup ISOs?

    Thanks in advance for your help... if you point me at the right threads I'll just get on with it, but it's just not clear to me what the right thread *are* for what I want to do...

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