MicroSD Speed Rating

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    Hey guys, I recently gave my Class 6 MicroSD card to my girlfriend for her Acekard, and I'm now about to use my Class 2 MicroSD...is there really much difference?
    I've heard various things, such as the class of the MicroSD generally dictates the write speed, and nothing to do with the read speed. Which, as I understand, would mean that the speed rating only relates to the speed of saving games.

    Is that true?

    I use only Kingston cards, too.
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    Read rate and read speed are somewhat different. The rate is the commonly known "data per second", while the speed is related to the "random access time" (the time it takes for the MicroSD to access an individual cluster of data on 'request').

    The general idea is that a higher-speed class card, while technically only having a higher write rate, also has a higher read rate, resulting in reductions in save file saving/loading times. This isn't the whole story, however, since the access-time is much more important.

    Higher speed-class cards tend to have quicker random access times, but not always. It's more a case of the quality of the card (genuine made in Japan Kingston, select Sandisk cards, are in high regard, etc.).

    Too slow a random access time, and it doesn't matter how many megabytes you can load in a second, because the DS will quite simply lock up when the game doesn't 'start receiving' data when it thinks it's supposed too.

    Which MicroSD brand/country of manufacture is it?