micro sd card asked to be formated?

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    May 24, 2010
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    So i put my micro sd card into my adapter and i used pokesav and edit my pokemon sav file and i took out the sd card and put it in my flashcart and i turned it on and it was stuck on the black screen with the loading screen going on and on , i took out the sd and i blew into the flashcart and put the sd card back in and the same problem appeared so i went and took out the micro sd card out and put it into my micro sd adapter and i got a notification from windows saying to reformat the sd card i canceled it and tried to go into but i got the same thing telling me to reformat it so my problem is i wanna reformat it but i can't cause i got a lot games and system files in there and it will be hard to get them to work on my r4 cause my r4 is a fake and so on.
    any one know what to do here? any kinda software that would fix this or something?

    Thanks in advance