MH4U G3 Save Backup

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    May 30, 2015
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    Hello, first some quick background info,

    I have Digital MH4U on my 9.7 n3DS (roughly 400 hours )and also a extra copy of MH4U(Physical). Had a 9.0 n3ds laying around, got GW and all that, I was hoping i could get the Japanese DLC on the retail cart but not that case, not a problem. Problem i am having now is i need a G3 save so i dont have to replay all the way to g3 to unlock ability to host for my legit digital save. I looked around the forums and could not find any. So was wondering if someone could PM me a G3 Save that i could use SDF to transfer into a CIA/3DZ copy on emunand. So than i could host these quests.

    Thanks in advance.