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    The next installment in the Metro video game series, Metro Exodus, was set to release sometime in 2018. However, in a press release today, Deep Silver and 4A Games announced that the game will be delayed to Q1 2019.

    In the announcement, the developers mentioned that development of Metro Exodus is progressing well and that they "are all really excited by what [they] are seeing". To the fans who were expecting to play the game this year, they had the following to say:

    In the same press release, the developers confirmed that some exclusive, brand new gameplay will be showcased at E3 in June. Stay tuned for E3 on GBAtemp as we will be attending the event yet again this year!

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  1. RedoLane

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    Not surprised at all. the lack of footage and information already proved that they want to invest more time on it, thanks to the feedback received by the fans.
    I'm glad they at the very least gonna show some brand new gameplay in E3, but I do wonder in which conference they'll show it...
    Whatever's the case, as a fan myself, I can wait :)
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  2. wafflestick

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    I'm so sad :sad: but if since aforementioned delay is needed for a polished experience I guess I can't complain too much
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    Between this and Shenmue III being delayed, are we going to get ANYTHING to play this year? Or will 2018 be the drought year where everything gets delayed?