Memory card brands?

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by TheByteBandit, Jun 20, 2009.

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    I searched around and couldn't find a good answer for this. I just got my AK2i, and I already had a generic 2gb microSD from my phone. I formatted it with the program on GBAtemp, loaded up the firmware, folder for games, etc. When I went to load it, however, it got stuck on loading. I read through the forums, and I read that if all the fixes didn't work, that it's most likely a hardware issue, and to return it.

    I was hoping to clarify something before I tried to return my AK2i - does it require a certain brand of flash card to work? I had an R4 with my DS Lite and I used a Kingston SD card, and that worked fine. Should I try using it with a Kingston or SanDisk SD card before returning my AK2i?

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    like others would say, try other cards. seriouslly, that's the one other members usually tell you to do
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    No. Are you using the AKAIO repack?
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    make sure the msd is all the way in. if your ak2i is the one without the spring, push it down until your finger hurts. the ak2i has msd seat issues, it's well documented. if the msd is pushed all the way in then you need to use akaio 1.4.1 repack, or update your loaders. the older loaders won't work on the new hardware ak2i. the ak2i's with this problem seem to ship in the box with the orange "dsi" sticker on them.

    you can always take the msd in/out/in/out a few times to make sure you get it seated right. the same can be said for the acekard itself.

    to answer your direct question, no, the msd should not matter. crappy off brand chinese knock-off msd cards will have serious issues. they might be really slow, they might die after a few hundred read/writes, etc. its always a good idea to go with a good brand. i've been using transcend class6 cards in my acekard products with no problems. i also have a grip of 1gb and 2gb japanese kingstons. they have also worked out really well.

    -another world