MelonDS Release 0.9.2


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Dec 8, 2020
Citadel Station
United States

Arisotura has released a new version of MelonDS for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The release includes the usual fixes and additions with such hits as:​
• fix JIT on ARM Macs
• add proper Mac builds
• GX: optimize single-param commands
• add recent-files menu (abcdjdj)
• add support for loading files from archives
• fix JIT bugs
• fix wifi bugs
• improve performance of save-memory writeback
• add hotkey for swapping screens
• 3D/GL: attempt fixing various bugs
• fix OpenGL scaling on hiDPI displays
• rework GPU2D for easier integration of full GL rendering
• rework NDSCart and GBACart to make it easier to implement new cart types
• add support for NAND save memory (WarioWare DIY, Jam with the Band)
• fix bugs in DSi I2C and SD/MMC interfaces
• new screen modes
Of particular note is the proper Mac build, as well as support for loading archives and the swap screen hotkey which greatly improve the user experience. Check out the emulator, it's a personal favorite.
You can download or check the source code in the links below.

:arrow: MelonDS Official Website
:arrow: Arisotura's Github

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