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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by alucard77, Sep 30, 2008.

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    Hi All,

    I know there have been a couple of posts about this, but I did not see a resolution. I am trying to run MM9, but it keeps pushing me back to the main menu.

    - I have the wvcdumps 15.1MB file.
    - When I first installed this, I installed it using the WAD installer v2.1
    - I was on 3.1U, which failed, so I upgraded to 3.2U via cIOS_Downgrader_v1.1
    - When it did not work on 3.2U I update to 3.3U, still no go
    - I uninstalled the game all together with WAD Uninstaller, and reinstalled, still a no go
    - I have wiikey if that makes a difference

    I am running out of ideas here. Do you guys have any other suggestions or something else I can try?

    BTW, I also installed the IOS37-64-v2070.wad using the cIOS37_rev3-Installer.dol. I read to install this file through wadmanager. But the readme said to to install it with the cIOS37_rev3-Installer.dol installer, so I am a bit confused.

    -=Final Edit=-
    OK, for anyone reading this who is having the same issue. I did 2 seperate things, so I am not sure which resolved my issue. Feel free to try these for yourselves:
    1- I installed the IOS37-64-v2070.wad using wadmanager. Not the cIOS37_rev3-Installer.dol as the readme said.
    2- I first uninstalled MM9 with Wadmanager, then I reinstalled it with wadmanager.

    I hope this helps someone out there.