Mechs should have beam swords

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    Oct 23, 2015
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    Hey guys ive been doing spriting for gbc and mugen and i am finally starting ds so i wanted to make one of my fav ds games front mission even better by making the hand rod into a beam sword but the sprites end up like this in tinke this is what happened what am i doing wrong?
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    It seems you are dealing with DS SDK graphics formats, however here the game uses a slight twist and sticks the ncgr (the actual graphics part of this) in .pk files. This might confuse tinke a bit as it will not want to load the related NCER (the parts that tell the tiles how to arrange) or NCLR (the colour palette). You can extract them out of it, stick them and the related files into another DS ROM, edit there and then export it all to import back into this if you want -- it is a bit of a cowboy method but I use it often enough when archives and name issues happen that confuse tools like tinke and crystaltile2.