Maximum brightness bug after ctrtransfer

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    Oct 31, 2014
    My N3ds originally been on I made nand backup (11.0) and performed ctrtransfer to with ctrtransfer pack from Everything went well and i made another nand backup (9.2). I installed menuhax, made gateway emunand and format it in order to unlink it from sysnand.
    And here comes the problem. After formatting emunand i immediately noticed that 5/5 maximum brightness looks very dark. More like 4/5. The maximum brightness in unformatted sysnand/emunand look fine. I recreated emunand many times. But every time i format it the maximum brightness has decreased. If i don't format it the maximum brightness looks ok.
    At this point i decided to format sysnand since unformatted emunand doesn't has brightness problem. But after i formatting it the maximum brightness has decreased in sysnand too. I perfomed ctrtransfer once again. And it didn't change anything. The maximum brightness remained reduced. I restored my 9.2 nand backup. And brightness return to normal. Here's photos (white n3ds xl):
    Direct comparison
    Since i don't have any valuable data in emunand i tried to do some things with it. I downgrade emunand with sysupdater, i update emunand with sysupdater. But nothing has helped. In formatted emunand the maximum brightness looks reduced. In unformatted emunand the maximum brightness looks normal.
    Is there anything i could do with it?
    Also, sysnand is clean. I just downgrade it with ctrtransfer/restore backup. No a9lh/b9s.