Max Media Dock & Max Overload question(s)

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  1. AceOfPandas

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    Dec 11, 2010
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    Hardware Involved:
    1. Max Media Player
    1. Max Media Dock
    1. 2Gb Dan Elec CF Card (works)
    DSlite (Black)

    DSOrganize Version 3.1129
    Maximum Overload Version 1.58
    Maximum Overoad Version 1.61B1
    Generic ROM (Not fragged, and working)

    Here is my problem. I originally installed the 1.6 version of MO and was using it with a ROM of Jump Ultimate Stars. (Note I was booting through DSOrg)
    After adding a second ROM to the device, I erased the MOEV!L.DAT & MODEV!L.LST files to reset the ROMlist.
    Upon loading MO again it scanned all my .nds files (such as VGHero, A touch of war & the like)
    It encountered an error on most of my files that was not present before, "Error - No Drive" (This displayed over the icon for DSO & all other apps, freezing the system)

    So, I installed MO 1.58 and ran it, it located & ran my other ROMs fine after I
    1. Ran MO 1.58 once to "Prepare SAVE file / SAVE file done"
    2. Deleted the ~NDS.TMP file it generated.
    3. Reran MO 1.58 where it would "Finding save space" then start my file.
    To run a rom again I had to repeat these steps, which removed my save files.

    My question is, what did I do wrong to MO 1.61B?
    What am I doing wrong with MO 1.58?
    Why do I own this crap flashcart?
    And, can it be fixed?

    This is the only problem my MMD has, it runs homebrew, streams internet radio & works fine otherwise. (Thanks to DSorg)

    Thank you,
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    nice to see somebody else is still using the old MaxMediaDock =)...hmm, the only thing i could think of is to back yer files up and format your CF card, then try again.
    ive got an MMD, but not for rom launching, i use it as a dedicated slot-2 mp3 player (through dso, cuz moonshell corrupts too easily on it).
    I really dont use modev!ls MO except for dumping an nds game on occasion =P
    Id suggest getting a slot-1 along w/yer mmd. Modev!l hasnt updated his firmware since March (but ive got my fingers crossed he hasent abandoned it).
    you can make a dump of the passme card and load mmd as rom from a slot-1 card (ive done this with r4, ak, and dstwo.)
  3. AceOfPandas

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    Dec 11, 2010
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    I got the MMD for a few dollars at a Circut City closeout, and I plan to just play it till it dies. Thanks for the advice, next time I'm at the PC lab I'll try that.
    Following the advice above I...
    1. Copied all my files to the PC
    2. Formatted the card.
    3. Loaded only MO 1.61B and /Games
    4. Ran MO
    5. Re-coppied all other files to my card.
    And it works, many thanks!