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    Need some quick trigonometry help here! [​IMG] 2 * cos 10 / sin 20 equals to 1 / sin 10; But how do you derive one from the another? Thanks!
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    Rearrange to get 1 on it's own and use 1-sin^2 = cos^2, then you have a quadratic equation [​IMG]
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    I will try my usual rule of not giving a direct answer but this case might be hard.

    I assume degrees rather than radians (not that it matters at this stage but I have seen such things end up in calculus territory).

    First stage: rearrange. I went for nothing as a denominator.

    Second stage: trigonometric identities. Rather sly use of one of the more rare identities today, the ones you want are sum formulas for sine and cosine .
    The one in question:
    sin (s + t) = sin s cos t + cos s sin t

    angle is 20 and nicely enough 10 + 10 equals 20 and 10 is the angle of choice in the other factors.

    Hopefully you can see where things go from here.