Marvelous AQL being sued

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    It seems Marvelous AQL, a prominent Japanese game publisher, is being taken to court by indie developer, Checkpoint. Brian Wiklem, Checkpoint's CEO, is accusing Marvelous AQL of attempting to malignantlytakeover the company and poach employees from Checkpoint's staff top work for it's North American subsidiary XSEED. Furthermore, Christopher Masterton, an ex-Checkpoint employee, is withhold crucial login information from Checkpoint and its CEO. Masterton also plays a crucial port in this entire debacle. You read full details of the suit and situation by hitting the source.

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    then in that case, konami should take ea to court
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    A prominent publisher vs an indy company.

    Yeah that's going to end well for the indy company.
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    I like these sorts of cases, I know they usually devolve into he who has the best contract lawyer (at the time of contracts and to a slightly lesser extent court case) wins, but the things that come to light are usually quite informative.

    Re withholding accounts. That can be some fairly serious business and those doing it have been pinned to the wall for it before. Thankfully "social media expert" is not something I can really claim as a skillset so I have been spared it, I consider that a bonus as facebook have some very odd policies there.

    "malignantly takeover"..... that is not really a term. Hostile takeover is a fairly accepted strategy though, I am not quite sure this counts as a traditional hostile takeover though.
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    That Indie company lost bigtime.