Mario Maker Help and challenge courses

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    Apr 30, 2018
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    Hey guys,im looking for some info.

    I have Wii U at home,i also downloaded the latest CEMU and Mario Maker,game runs fine however when i try to enter Course World i get the error 106-0502....Is this normal? That it doesnt work?

    I have a few downloaded courses in folders 80000003....i can load these up via coursebot,however i downloaded a few more and they have within their folder course000,as have the previous folder....I assume i have to add them to the original folder but change the course number as you cant have duplicates (or they will overwrite)....Is that correct?

    Also,is there anywhere i can download coursebot packs? And what about the 100 level challenge packs? Can they run in cemu,downloaded?

    Thanks for any help...As i say i have the original wii u here,but im building an arcade system and cemu is in it so this would help.