Mario Karts, help unlocking stuff?

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    I'm unlocking some carts, bikes and characters in Mario Kart Wii and I am wondering what I have to do for playing a certain amount of time trials. Eg: To unlock Birdo you need to play 16 different Time Trial courses. I'm wondering if I have to win these or can I just lose on them?
    Also it says I need to get at least a 1 star rank on the 100cc Mushroom Cup or have a saved game from Super Mario Galaxy to unlock Rosalina. I've got a 1 star rank on the 100cc Mushroom Cup and haven't unlocked her (Also I don't have Super Mario Galaxy).

    EDIT: I know how to get Rosalina properly now [​IMG]

    I got the information from
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    How do you loose on a Time Trial? :wtf: I guess your talking about the Nintendo Staff.

    Anyway. You just gotta get a time, doesn't matter how slow you are. What I did was let my baby cousins play, since I couldn't be bothered.