Manually upgraded to Android 7.0 with issues

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    So I followed a tutorial online to in install Android Nougat 7.0 on my Huawei P9 lite. Once I was in TWRP I realised I was supposed to install two update files from two different .zip files. Trouble is I only had the one update.

    When I booted my phone after the update, it all seemed to be working with 7.0 installed. THen I noticed my internet data wasn't working outside of wifi, and my bluetooth isn't turning on. The rest seems to be running fine other than those two things.

    I relied a lot on bluetooth and internet on the go. I need it back, does anyone know what I could do, outside of degrading the firmware?


    (Edit: I realise this is supposed to be in the Android section, sorry mods)
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