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    Hi all people of internet board! Today I want to ask how to and what to do with my two 3DS? If there is something I should update, aquire?, etc.
    Now to info..
    O3DS -> 10.2.0-28U
    N3DSXL -> 10.2.0-28U
    Now here is little info... O3DS is brand new, I do factory reset... And N3DSXL is have all my games and content... Also is have ninjhax & ironhax. To be true I do not keep update with 3DS hacking and such, so I do not know how to move forward and still be able to acquire recent Nintendo content & hacking content. I stop keep update after Ninjhax 2.0beta is release so many time is pass. Any helpful tips or saito is appreciated, thank you for take time and read.
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    Nov 6, 2015
    Personally I would downgrade and run emunand on both. There is lots of post with instructions on how to do it. That way you have homebrew. Latest updates and all the games you could want as cia
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    Nov 15, 2015
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    It's as simple as asking yourself some questions:
    Do you want to play free games (piracy), like most users do? Or do you simply want to use homebrew apps/games, like emulators?

    If you want to go for the piracy route, you'll want to downgrade your 3DS to 9.2 (version that has a working kernel exploit). It'll give you the awesomeness that is an emuNAND, where you can install games and upgrade your system without losing your kernel exploit. There's plenty of threads explaining how to do it, just search "downgrade" in the search bar up there. As an added bonus of downgrading, emulators tend to be faster when used as a .cia (especially on O3DS).

    If you are a self-proclaimed anti-piracy user only want to enjoy the homebrew goodies without having any fancy stuff like emuNAND, homebrew's the way to go. Since you have already got a working entry *hax, you can just get to Homebrew Launcher on both machines (2.5 *hax is the latest one to use), and enjoy the beautiful works of art that this forum ocasionally posts.

    Since you have both machines on a downgradeable version, I'd get them both to 9.2 and get emuNAND on both.
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