Hacking MaiDumpTool/Vitamin Work in Details?


Aug 18, 2016
So there are a lot of unsuccessful dumps with the famous C2-12828-1 error and people probably don't care anymore, they're just waiting when things will be fixed, but we could contribute and help that guys who's still developing these dumping tools. They could just provide more detailed info about how their dumpers work because of course they wont share the source code.

Is for example MaiDumpTool decrypting all plugins or just these ones: libc, libface, libfios2, libsmart, libult, or in general it just contains hard-coded versions of that files and it does a simple replace?

There are a lot of games especially collections that have plugins outside sce_module(Ratchet & Clank(RcConfig.suprx), Jak & Dakster(jakConfig.suprx), and maybe more...) and there is already some proven information that dumpers doesn't strip DRM encryption from that files.

Suppose that MaiDumpTool doesn't decrypt plugins outside sce_module, can we temporarily place that plugins inside sce_module so that dumper would see and process them? After we could replace them back in the right place but they'll be already DRM free... could this work?

Or may be let's suppose that MaiDumpTool decrypts only plugins by known names(libc, libface, libfios2, libsmart, libult), could we rename other plugin in one of that names so that dumper would process it in this case?

And that's still a problem for all tools versions, Vitamin 1.0, 1.1, 2.0 and All MaiDump versions, so that was never taken in account...

So how actually MaiDumpTool works, maybe some Chinese friends in contact with that guy who created the tool could provide some more information, or at least ask him about these problems? ...Or let just stay and wait till that guy will figure out all problems for himself...

Anyway I hope before there's a new dumper version out, all above will be taken in account...
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