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    First of all I am new and am in awe of the advice you give so willingly and your whole attitude to helping those of us that start of as newbies and hopefully get a little wiser. Enough of that...I have just downloade m4 sukura with the russian and I get half russian half eng. I think thats how its set up. I had the previous version on there and everything worked. I like the scrolling and the touch screen effect tho on this version. I cannot get dsorganize to work on this one tho. I have tried putting it just on the root drive where system folder is and nds games folder etc. with the dsorganize nds in the games folder. I have tried leaving it all together in the ds organize folder and have tried just putting the dsorganize.nds folder just in the root folder underneath the dsorganize folder. what happens when it turns on is it will go thru the checking discs screen, my wallpaper then shows up but then it comes up with an error msg. I also have phidias and that works fine. I just have that loaded with the .nds folder underneath on the root of the sd card.

    thanks in advance, i look forward to your reply. btw i am a complete novice and have spent hours setting this up for my kids so you will "have to speak slowly - and use plain layman english. if you have the time please feel free to s-p-e-l-l it o-u-t [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    1. this is the GBA board moved
    2. I don't really understand what you want. You want to use DSorganise with M3 sakura? The instructions are here
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    [​IMG] I've been deceived all this time!?
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    Hi and welcome!)
    As KH-Roms has written, use the "Special" version of DSOrganise (See the links a couple of posts higher)
    My question is: Why do you use the half-Russian/half-English Sakura?)))
    Why not use just pure English Sakura or pure Russian one?))
    (By the way, very soon, there will be released new official version of Sakura, where Russian will be added to the list of European languages))

    DaRealChrono, I guess the question was asked in the GBA-thread first and then moved HERE [​IMG]