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    Alright alright, I know this software was specifically designed for the M3 line of flashcarts. But after using testing it with the R4 version, I've grown to like its file 'sliding' feature. So please forgive my impudence for what I'm about to say.

    There I was, a typical day at home toying with MoonShell 2 and listening to music. Whilst I was scrolling through my archive of MP3s, I always tend to accidentally load them. It grew to be one of my pet peeve and so I recall sakura having a more graceful feature. Thus I've resorted to this thread asking if there are options for Acekard running Sakura like R4 does.

    And no, I have no interest in loading commercial roms and the like, just an upgrade from the incomplete MoonShell 2 (let's not start the flame wars people). So that's all from me as of now...any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Another reason why I chose Sakura is skinning. This alternative provides a far more wide arrange of currently available skins for my choosing. Presentation always had been one of the biggest factor for me when it comes to nitpicking. And yes, I am a consumer; not a distributor. Although I try to be to the best of my abilities; so I hope you'll refer to the third sentence of this post.
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    er ..... yah just use the same version you did for R4 the DLDI version and run it from the .nds file ... it works on ANY CARD but as mentioned elsewhere will only be useful as a media player nothing more [​IMG]
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    Sakura has a system of loading files both by double-tapping and sliding..MoonShell loads by double-tapping solely, the thing is, if you managed to run it on R4, you should be able to load it on the other carts too!

    I'm not quite sure I have understand what are you asking here..
    You have MoonShell for multimedia, if you like Sakura bit more because of the sliding feature, you already have that (DLDI) version (if you used it on R4)..So you have both options on your hands. I'd help but I'm not quite sure what do you need [​IMG]